Frequenty Asked Questions

  • 1. Do tipsters pay a fee to be included on your list? Tipsters who contact us pay a fee that covers our monitoring expenses. This fee is no guarantee that they will be listed on our site – in fact, most who apply do not make it into our top 10, which are the sites listed on our webpage.
  • 2. How do you decide which sites to list? We monitor sites in a variety of categories including accuracy of tips, timeliness of tips, tip odds and much more. The sites that rank highest in all of our categories are listed on our web site.
  • 3. Once a site makes your list can they be removed? Yes, we continually monitor the sites on our list and if their quality slips or another site comes along and provides higher quality then the current site on our list will be dropped.
  • 4. Why did you create your list? At a time when there are hundreds upon hundreds of football tipsters delivering tips via the Internet, we wanted to offer football bettors a trusted, convenient website where they can quickly see who the top tipsters really are.
  • 5. Can I send you a comment about one of your ranked tips sites? Absolutely, we welcome your input. Just use your contact us page to submit your comment.
  • 6. How important are tip win rates in your rankings? Very important, we understand that having access to tips with a high win rate is essential for long-term betting success and thus we value this feature highly.